Quality, Convenient Mobile Vet in Rensselaer and Surrounding Areas

Have you ever had a stressful day at the vet, perhaps because your dog insisted on barking incessantly at every moving thing in sight? Is helping your cat into her carrier like pulling teeth, or is there just not a vet nearby? Regardless of what’s keeping you from bringing your pet to a vet, PetVets on the Go offers a solution. We bring our services to your pet! That’s right; whether your pet needs a basic wellness exam or something more complex, we can make a house call and provide these services right in the comfort of your home.

We proudly provide our mobile veterinary care services to dogs and cats of Rensselaer and surrounding areas, including Cass, Pulaski, Jasper, Newton, and White counties. View the Areas We Service page to learn more. If it’s more feasible, we also park our unit in various locations throughout the year and offer our services there. Ultimately, our mission is to provide your four-legged friend with high-quality, compassionate care in a way that allows him to have a pleasant, stress-free veterinary experience.

dog with large orange ball and rope toy: Animal Hospital in Rennselaer
doctor with cat in carrier: Animal Hospital in Rennselaer

Meet the Mobile Vet

PetVets on the Go is headed by Dr. Lisa Dixon, who had the desire to provide veterinary services to pet owners who didn’t have any nearby options. As a mobile vet, she offers all of the same services that you’d expect from a traditional brick-and-mortar animal hospital, including the following:

Why Choose a Mobile Vet

If bringing your pet to a stationary vet isn’t possible or convenient, we’re certain that you’ll appreciate the benefits of a mobile vet. One of the perks you can expect with PetVets on the Go is the reduction/elimination of stress for your pet, since he’ll be able to relax in his own home. Another perk is the time-saving factor. Because we come to you, you won’t have to spend time commuting, which means you’ll have more time to complete other day-to-day tasks. Ready to make an appointment? Give us a call to schedule a home visit or you’d like to learn more about our mobile veterinary services. You’ll be glad you did!