Cat and Dog Surgery in Rennselaer, IN Cat Declawing and Dog Surgery in Rennselaer, IN & Surrounding Areas

When a pet needs surgery, it can raise a number of questions and concerns for the owner. Will my pet be in pain? How long will the surgery take? What exactly will happen during the procedure? How long will it take for my pet to recover? The list goes on and on. PetVets on the Go can address all of these questions to give you peace of mind about your pet’s procedure. Just as you’d expect with any of our other service, we make your companion’s safety and comfort our #1 priority during surgery, in addition to providing high-quality care. That’s why we use advanced monitoring equipment and have a technician available to monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery.

Types of Surgeries We Perform

We perform pet surgeries in Rensselaer and surrounding areas for both dogs and cats, right from our mobile unit, which we can drive directly to your home. Our veterinarian can perform minimally invasive soft tissue surgeries (procedures that don’t involve the bone), including:

For complex and/or orthopedic procedures (ones that involve the bone), such as TPLO and fracture repair, we can refer you to a nearby veterinarian who can help.

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering are the most common routine surgical procedures we perform. If you don’t plan to use your pet for breeding, we recommend that you spay her/neuter him. We can let you know at what age we recommend these procedures when your pet is a puppy/kitten. These procedures offer several benefits for your pet and for you, including:

  • Decreases risk of mammary gland tumors (females)
  • Eliminates heat cycles (females)
  • Decreases aggressive behavior (males)
  • Reduces risk of testicular cancer (males)
  • Helps pets live longer, healthier lives (males and females)
  • Reduces overall unwanted pet population (males and females)

Cat Declawing in Rennselaer, IN

Although this surgery is controversial, we provide this service as a means of helping more cats find loving homes. There are many willing and loving pet owners who would love to adopt a cat, but are unable to if the cat has claws, such as in cases where there are small children in the home. This is why we have opted to offer this form of surgery, and rest assured, we take special considerations when it comes to cat declawing in Rennselaer, IN . The first is pain. We address pain while the patient is in our care and request that pain medications be continued once the patient returns home. The second consideration is hospitalization. Following the declaw procedure, bandages are placed on the paws which need to be removed the following day. For this reason, we require that the cats spend the night with us. We will make arrangements for dismissal the following day.

If you’d like to learn more our pet surgery procedures, give us a call at 219-869-0097.